Expand your PLN… explode your teaching

A few weeks ago, I delivered some professional learning on Twitter to some executive at a local school.  I was in my element as I showed them the basics and talked about it’s benefits. Proudly I said it was my main source of professional learning and the Principal questioned me. “How?”.

Well here it is:

Through twitter I found a whole network of dedicated educators from all sectors (public, private, catholic) from all over the world that I follow and learn from everyday.

Through twitter I have connected with so many of these fabulous educators face to face and had the pleasure of visiting their schools and learning from them further.

Through twitter I learnt about Project Based Learning and BIE which has transformed my teaching.

Through twitter I connected with #ozprimschchat which gives me endless ideas every Thursday night and connects me with other awesome primary educators in Australia.

Through twitter I have had many meaningful and in depth discussions on many topics in education at anytime, anywhere that interest me.

Through twitter I learnt about ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) and attended their 2012 and 2013 conferences in USA- presenting in 2013 to educators all over the globe.

Through twitter I connected with educators attending ISTE12 & ISTE13 before I left and continued to once I was there making the conference all about the people and the connections!

Through twitter I find links to websites, blogs and current research that keeps me up to date with current pedagogy.

Through twitter I have created joint projects for my classes and refined projects through discussion with my colleagues.

Through twitter my school and class share their learning instantly with their family, community, and other people around the world. It gives them purpose and opens discussions with others to enhance their learning.

Through twitter I learn anywhere, anytime, from anyone, on what I want ever I want to learn about. It is tailored to my interests.

Through twitter I share my passion for teaching and learning with others around the world and give back to the education community.


10 thoughts on “Expand your PLN… explode your teaching

  1. Very succinct and excellent that it is directly from a classroom teachers viewpoint. Thanks to @gregmiller68 for the link .

  2. I totally agree with your thoughts on Twitter too. I felt like my teaching improved when I joined Twitter because it opened a whole new world of ideas. Teachers are no longer restricted to only sharing ideas within their school or waiting for a conference to see what others are doing. We can all do that all the time, whenever and wherever we need to.

  3. I love hearing about educators embracing their PLN! Thanks for sharing. My friend asked me to write a post a couple of years back for her Masters study. I am so glad she encouraged me to do so as it has been the most successful post on the blog. With my #pln I am http://currentsofmyriver.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/with-my-pln-i-am.html?m=1 Extra special when we can meet F2F. I really value the friendships formed virtually and IRL! Cheers @7mrsjames

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